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Services offered:

1 to 1 counselling - short and long term

Life Coaching

Counselling for carers and their families

Work Place counselling

Employee assistance programmes - confidential 1 to 1 therapy and group workshops

Peer support group for colleagues - Counsellors and Therapists Support - CATS

Online, telephone and email counselling services

Group Therapy

Couples Therapy



How i work


1 to 1 counselling - Face to Face

I offer 1 to 1 counselling sessions in a variety of locations. These sessions last for 1 hour and I usually suggest that they are for a minimum of 6 weeks but we can discuss individual requirements during the initial consultation.

Life coaching is charged at an hourly rate, we will start with a set of four sessions and then review how to proceed, this is often via skype, phone or email with face to face check-ins on a regular basis.


Skype, Telephone and Email Services

1 to 1 sessions payable in advance through Paypal, cheque or postal order.

Each counselling session will last 1 hour and I usually suggest that they are for a minimum of 6 weeks but we can discuss individual requirements during the initial consultation.

Email correspondence will be charged at an agreed rate and in tandem with counselling and / or life coaching either face to face or remotely.

Life coaching & counselling sessions will be an hour, payable in advance through Paypal, or at the time with, cash, card, cheque or postal order.

telephone counselling

Work Place Counselling and Employee Assistance Programmes

In conjunction with employers I can provide in-house counselling, life coaching and personal and professional development services, as individuals, groups and workshops more info...

Peer Support for Colleagues

Counselling, life coaching and many other therapies can all be lonely occupations, especially for those working from home or in their own private clinics. With this is mind, I created a support group for therapists to come and spend time with like minded people where we can provide community and networking opportunities. more info....

employee assistance

Couples Therapy

I work with couples to help them resolve issues within their relationship which may be causing distress. Initially I will see each of the couple separately to allow them to openly discuss how they are feeling and express any negative frustration or upset they have. They can also explore what they believe the presenting issues are from their perspective. I then bring the couple together for them to set goals and work towards a resolution of their presenting issues. This is a safe space for the couple to work through their problems. Couples therapy can also be useful during a break up, separation or divorce to encourage clear communication and a more amicable process of a distressing ending.

couple thinking

Group Therapy and Workshops

I run a number of Group therapy sessions, including those for the bereaved and for family and friends of the victims of abuse and trauma.

These are closed groups ensuring that you are able to build a safe relationship with other members of the group and not be disrupted by new members dropping in and out.

I also run assertiveness, confidence and communication workshops. These are open to anyone and are usually run over a period of weeks.

group therapy

Counselling for Carers

I have been a carer for a large percentage of my life. From the age of 14 I cared for my father and after his death, I looked after my mother until January 2013 when she passed away. It was challenging and isolating and frustrating and confusing, and massively rewarding too, I am passionate about helping support people in this role, and believe that they are a highly underrated section of our society. More info...





T: 01359 230908

M: 07939 862412

E: [email protected]

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